The Progressive Party of Washington started with a small group of like-minded individuals in 2002. We thankfully acknowledge the work and contributions of all the founding members, living and deceased. Among the living, we thank Linde Knighton, who has been a member since our party's founding and serves as Past Chairperson.

The Progressive Party was founded in 1912, as a reaction to the massive poverty and income inequality of the Robber Baron Era. Vermont's Progressive Party (VPP) was reborn in the early 1980s in response to Bernie Sanders' mayoral runs and success. VPP has the third-highest number of seats among state and national offices of any organized party in America. This makes Vermont a three-party state and provides a template for the rest of us.

Washington's membership took note of VPP's accomplishments and asked to partner. Vermont, being open-minded and goal-orientated, replied "Of course we can share strategies and tactics!"

We believe that an informed public should run the government, and that public schools and a free press (including the internet) are an important part of this process.

We do not believe that the poor should be punished, that corporations are people, or that money is free speech.

We will unite with other parties and individuals to elect the best candidates we can find who support our shared ideals and to topple the two-party system in favor of a government responsible to the people.

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